Monday, November 17, 2008

Hills of Myrrh and Frankincense

Run away and come back
Come back and run away.
It's what I seem to do all day, every day.
Because I can't make up my mind
Though I've made it up a thousand times.
To be with You
To stay with You
I say never again
And I shut the door on my sin
Only to return to it the next day.
The same way I go back to a
midnight snack, to indulge in indulgence
and in regret.

They say it's better to love without
The heavy weight on a soul that is guilt
And I agree, but I can't walk away
Not when I know that the one
To wipe away the guilt was me.
What kind of cheap forgiveness is that?
I think they call it a hardened heart.

All day I cry, "Catch for us the foxes!"
Then, deliberately I eave open the fate
By the next morning I'm crying
Over the ruined vines.

All day You say, "My dove in the clefts
of the rock, In the hiding places of
the mountainside, Let me see your face.
Let me hear your voice; for your voice
is sweet, and your face is lovely."

And all day I am too proud and too scared
And too proud to admit I'm scared
And I run away. In the valley of decision
I live, all day.

And I place my hand in Yours
once again, Lord let me stay.
Oh my Father I want to stay with You!


Sorrow and Suffering stand on each side
A hand on each of my shoulders, hoods hanging
low over each brow, a needle prick in my chest
As we take each step toward the Hills

Before long I am running in
the opposite direction and pushing them away.
The way through is too hard and too long
and this needle--now a sword-- in my heart
is more than any one should try to bear.

Before long, Sorrow and Suffering have caught
up with me. Before long holding me,
Before long rocking me back and forth
Like that painting of the Mother and Child
Oh mother!

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