Wednesday, December 24, 2008

baby Dara is born!!!

So my friend Tracy just gave birth today and I attended. She had a home birth and I have to say it was a good experience and pretty quick too; her entire labor was about 2.5 hours, which is pretty unusual. She let another friend and me be there because I am considering midwifery and my friend Hephzibah is considering obstetrics (though now she's leaning more towards midwifery; yay!). Her midwife really led us through what was going on and what she was doing at each stage of labor, and I wasn't grossed out like I thought I'd be. While messy it's just a natural part of life, this is what happens when humans reproduc. Zi had a harder time dealing with it though. The baby (girl, 8.03 lbs, born at 4:33 pm) was so beautiful and Tracy was pretty much recovered if really sore about an hour afterwards, and she could relax because it was her house her rules. It definitely made the enitre process easier being at home. Afterwards I was thinking, I can handle this, I can do this for a living. I just appreciate that she let me be apart of such an intimate time with her family.

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