Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I keep having tornado dreams. Lord, what does that mean? Last night I dreamed that some of my co-interns from IHOP met up for Katie Emery's birthday (but in the dream I kept calling her Kim b/c I couldn't remember her name): Drew, Andy, and a few others were there, it's hard to remember now. I think Alisha was there and Lydia and we were just chilling, but it was around Thanksgiving time and my family started showing up and my in-laws (but I don't have any in-laws and I wasn't married in the dream) were getting dinner ready s the sun started to set. It was a good time but I also kept feeling this foreboding. Something was about to happen. As it became night it was only the fam there and I looked out the windows of the sunroom up at the evening sky there was this upside down but not really tornado in the sky.It wasn't like the funnel was pointing upward but I could see the top part of the cloud that the tornado was apart of and it was swirling like this:
*yes i know that this is a picture of the earth's magnetic field but that's what the top of the cloud looked and even the direction it was swirling in from bottom to top.*

So I tell everyone that we should start closing up the house and gathering food and flashlights and candles and go downstairs and cut off the electricity and everyone's listening but they're being really really slow about it, so that by the time it's night and the funnel is still in the sky (it hadn't touched down yet) but no one was ready. It could touch down any moment and so I turned off the lights and yelled for everyone to gather together but they were scattered all over the two parts of the house (they were linked by a breezeway and I was in the back the part that faced the back yard) and I'm trying to gather all the stuff we need while everyone is still milling around. Then I wake up.

*the house was like this wood cabin structure like a big vacation house*

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