Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Tonight--actually, this morning a few moments ago-- me and three of my friends lay in my front yard in Suburbiaville. We looked at the stars so long that we felt like we were about to fall off the surface of the Earth. And I kept getting Orion's belt confused with the Little Dipper (I was never much of an astronomer). Our feet kept getting cold and we kept smelling this horrible odor that turned out to be my dog Dice's poop on the bottom of the blanket on the ground (fortunately we laid two down). It was so much fun, we were laughing so much that I was scared of waking up the neighbors at two in the morning, lol. I can't wait to do it again. I kept thinking that if I was still en ough I could feel the Earth turning.

I love nights like that where all the girl's are together and we can enjoy something like the nmigt sky and a shooting star or the aura around the moon.This is the reason God made the winter weather in Florida so mild. And it's funny because when my friend Shalom first had the idea I didn't want to go outside at all. I'm not the outdoorsy, campy, hiking, granola types. But it was good laying outside huddled together under three blankets, trying to keep our feet warm and dry. It was good.

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