Saturday, January 28, 2012

TDKR Trailer Analysis

From the snippet of Bruce's conversation with Selina Kyle it seems that the focus of Bane's and Catwoman's activities are going to be revolutionary in nature, dealing specifically with the huge global wealth disparity, which was so unexpected. I don't think the character of Catwoman has ever been placed in such a political framework; most of the stories I've read/watched have shown Selina to be a woman out for herself. Not that her actions didn't have political implications, but the driving force behind her actions wasn't political or revolutionary and she was never a character to work in concert with others, whether they be heroes or villains. I don't know how much to take from the trailer or if I'm seeing more than is there, but it seems that Selina Talia and Bane are apart of the same organization, one that is planning to reek havoc on Gotham city.

Truth is I've never liked Talia.
Well, let me rephrase; as a hardcore CatBat shipper I've never liked the way certain writers have tried to position Talia al Ghul as Batman's one true love, particularly when the one most constant love interest of Batman's since he was created has been Catwoman. I know that in some comics Selina and Talia have been a strange kind of girlfriends thus seeing them together in the trailer was a nice twist, but I've always had the hate-that-bitch-that always tryin'-to-make-the-moves-on-my-bestfriend's-man kind of feelings for Talia so I have my reservations but am generally looking forward to the movie.

My feelings are divided I love Tom Hardy, I feel okay about Marion Cotillard, just like I loved Liam Neeson. But I hate Hate HATE that all these white actors are playing characters of color. Ra's al Ghul is Middle Eastern as is Talia al Ghul. But in Begins, Nolan changed it so that the character we thought was Ra's al Ghul (played by Ken Watanabe) dies and Henri Ducard is the real Ra's al Ghul. Which basically means he whitewashed the character. Of course Marion Cotillard is perfect for the part of Ra's daughter since she's French and Nolan made Ra's French in the first movie, but let's be real it's just more whitewashing. Then comes Bane, who is half-Latino half British. Of course Tom Hardy *is* British but where's the Latino? If even Bane's voice actors have always been of mixed/Latino heritage why couldn't Nolan have done the same?

Monday, January 2, 2012

2nd print! I hope it prints out alright. Featuring all the Robin there ever was. How people get 10 + prints done, I’ll never know.
“And a Batman needs a Robin no matter what he thinks he wants.”