Saturday, April 21, 2012

Black Girl, Light World XIII: Racism 101 for Christians

I do believe that there is something missing and that is renewing the mind. No that that is not included in being committed to truth, but I believe that renewing the mind has to be taken almost as a separate step, because otherwise people's blinders are still up, their glasses are still on. They look for truth and are committed to it, but can't actually see it because the haven't changed the way they think in the first place.

I say this as someone has experienced the worst kind of racism in the church. Not the "I hate your guts and will not associate with you people" kind of racism though, believe me, that's bad too, but the "I'm your friend yet I constantly belittle you mistreat and disrespect you in ways I don't even realize because I'm just doing what I've always done what's always been done" And again I'm not talking about hatred or indifference. I'm talking about well-meaning people who love the Lord and are trying to live for Him yet cannot see what is right in front of them. Because, when it came to racism, unlike other sins, they didn't think it necessary to completely renew their minds completely reshape their thinking, completely police their environment for such influences, unlike the way people do or say they do with lust or gossip or idolatry,etc.

That's when people say things like "Christian first that just happens to be _whatever you are_" my... feelers go up. Race matters because we are taught by the world ways to interact with each other on the basis of race and if we as believers don't take that upbringing as seriously as we do being raised in a household where anger was always present or where lying and manipulation were acceptable, isn't it just as likely that Believers will continue to interact the way they learned to interact with each other in the world?
Which means we have to actively acknowledge race/ethnicity/culture, and not just treat it as something that we "just so happen to be" but as something that informs our intraChurch relationships and address it accordingly. We have to acknowledge the lessons the world teaches and actively label them as lies. We have to individually take captive those thoughts and refute them and teach other believers these same things.

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