Sunday, March 17, 2013

I need to start learning to enjoy things by myself.
For someone who's such an introvert, I have a remarkable need to share experiences and points of view. Not everyone will love the things I love, or want to do all the things I do, even my friends. It's okay to hold thing close to my heart and even though there I enjoyment in sharing experiences there can be just as much enjoyment and edification in keeping experiences to myself and for myself. So often I've tried to drag people along and been hurt when they didn't have the same or a similar response or care for what I was showing them, and that's just not fair. And then the memory of that thing/experience I wanted to share is tainted with that disappointment rather than with the joy I first experienced. Not to mention that sometimes thoughts and inspirations need time to marinate that I'm just not giving them in trying to share them with the world on first conception.

That said, this weekend I had a wonderful shared experience with my sister and some close friends of going to the beach in the early morning to watch the sunrise:

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