Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bat-Family Challenge: Who would be the first member of the Bat-Family to get their identities discovered if they existed in real life and why?

He's too friendly, too well-known, and too identifiable: being one of the few gymnasts in the world that can do a quadruple somersault as well as having a very distinctive personality. Even more than Superman/Clark Kent;  I really have no understanding of how people can meet Robin I or Night Wing or Batman III and then meet Dick Grayson and not know that these are the same person. It honestly boggles the mind.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Oh you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark, I was molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was but a man, and by then it was nothing to me but blinding. The shadows betray you, because they BELONG TO ME!”
So, from all the stories told about The Child, Batman *should* have known that The Child wasn’t Bane. He might not known that it was Miranda Tate, but he *should* have known that there was another major player that had yet to reveal themselves.
But wait, sorry, I forgot. Nolan’s Batman can’t deduce himself out of a paper bag.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bat-FamilyChallenge: If there was a movie about the Bat-Family what would be the basic plot?

Wow another hard one! (But now you can see why I took so long to post it LOL)

There are too many stories that I would love to make into a movie but my like I've said before, my favorite graphic novel is the Elseworlds title Superman & Batman: Generations and I think that would make a great live action film series.

Now, if I'm creating the plot myself...
The movie would be a trilogy at least, I don't think there's really a such thing as an effective standalone Batman movie.
Movie 1 would depict the death of Dick Grayson's parent and his introduction to vigilante life after Bruce has been Batman for a few years (3 or so years after The Dark Knight). It would a serious drama and Dick would be about 12 (I know in canon he's much younger but that's a lot of belief to suspend for film). Bruce would really see himself in Dick and would in his follow up after the parent's death would realize that the boy was claiming that his parent's death wasn't an accident and was being ignored by the police. Thus the villain of the movie would be Tony Zucco. It would probably center on how Dick makes Bruce confront some of his own issues and disturbs plateau that I think Batman tends to fall into (another case, another day: crime-fighting get's a little boring to me without some good ol' interpersonal conflict). Superman would be an established character and might also make a few appearances, expressing his concern for Dick and how he doesn't agree with Bruce taking a child out into the night. Obviously Dick would prove himself in the field, secretly following Batman as he executes justice and actually saving Batman in a crucial moment and also have that moment of truth where he has to choose between getting revenge and turning Zucco over to the police.

Movie 2
(At some point before Movie 2 I expect a Superman movie will have already come out and Clark and Lois's relationship will have been established.)
The next movie would reintroduce the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman as both criminal and love interest. Her neutral nature would be established in that she assists Batman in taking down the Joker and Harley Quinn and her support of women’s shelters from the proceeds of her... acquisitions. My Catwoman would be extremely intelligent middle class scholarship student who went to Excelsior but whose parents died when she was in high school and ended up getting into art thievery to pay for college and making a name for herself both as an jewelry thief and art/fashion historian. Dick would be 17 and still Robin, though this would be about the time that Bruce and Dick were having friction in their relationship, which will show in the film.

Wow this is getting long so I won't elaborate anymore :)

The Dark Knight Rises Review: An Addendum

Please read My First Review

     I've been thinking and reading listening to other reviews over that past few weeks to find out what people thought about the movie and to clarify my own feelings, and I've come to a new(ish) conclusion.
     To me, the biggest flaw in this third Batman film is that TDKR is not actually a Batman movie. Sure there is a character named Batman/Bruce Wayne in the movie. He (Nolan) got the names, place, and a few of the plot points right. The movie itself wasn't bad. But the man we actually observe in TDKR is not Batman.

Friday, April 12, 2013


By April 3rd-Your favorite member of the Bat-Family, and why.

By April 6th-The series that best showcases the Family.

By April 9th-Your new addition to the Bat-Family (i.e. Supergirl, Swamp Thing)

By April 12th-If the Bat-Family were to fight it out like in Marvel Civil War, what would the sides be? (i.e. Nightwing, Red Hood and Barbara Gordon vs. Batman, Damian and Tim)

By April 15th-If there was a movie about the Bat-Family what would be the basic plot?

By April 18th-Who would be the first member of the Bat-Family to get their identities discovered if they existed in real life and why?

By April 21st-Does Catwoman belong in the Bat-Family, why or why not?

By April 24th-If you could rewrite the stories in which Dick got to take up the mantle who would you say becomes Batman?

By April 27th-It's the Zombie Apocalypse! What has become of the Bat-Family? Are they survivors? Is the world counting on them to help with the undead?

Wow I have some catching up to do! #Bat-FamilyChallenge

Your favorite member of the Bat-Family, and why.

Wow this is actually one of the hardest questions; at least I'm getting out of the way first right? Wow, okay... Well my first impulse is to say Bruce Wayne; main character, most Bat-stories center around him and he is the reason I am drawn to Batman stories in the first place.As a child I had this deep abiding sense of justice and an awareness that the world and the systems of the world weren't inherently just. And Batman understood that. He understood that sometimes you had to step in and set things right because the people that were supposed to do so wouldn't or couldn't. Even though I disagreed with his no kill policy I respected it because it showed that Batman wasn't out to destroy or undermine the system as much as he wanted to support it, rehabilitate it. Get it on the right track.

But I think I'm going to go with Cassandra Cain: I have loved every single one of the additions to the Bat family, Dick grayons, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damien Wayne (who I must admit I wasn't too sure about at first). But Cassandra Cain is the 2nd girl on the team and the first person of color and her story is so poignant. Plus her ability to read people purely through body language is something that I've always wanted; it's almost like telepathy :)

What series best showcases the family?

I'm going to focus on the movies/television series as that is the way I generally consume my Bat-media. I would say the series that best showcases the family was The New Batman Adventures, simply because it has the most characters in it and that was satisfying for me. I always wanted to see more of Dick as Nightwing and Tim as Robin as well as outlying characters like Renee Montoya, Lucius Fox, and Kara Zor El.

Your new addition to the Bat-Family (i.e. Supergirl, Swamp Thing)
I think my favorite additions to the Bat-Family have already been made and they are Terry and Matt McGinnis and Damian Wayne.  Technically the first canon biological children of Bruce Wayne (even if it is in the future) there is soooooo much story potential that was never mined except in fan fiction and we all know how hit-or-miss that can be. Then Damian came along and at first I was really skeptical  especially with the then-recent "death" of Bruce, but he got under my skin and I am more than pissed that he's been killed off so quickly. There's a lot to be explored about Bruce Wayne's psyche when introducing biological children  I don't think it can be overstated that for such a loner, Batman has managed to gather around himself an effing huge family and my favorite stories are the ones that explore the Bat-Family dynamics. I even have a community called Bat Family Chronicles on FFN, so if you come across a good fic PLEASE message me on G+ so I can add it. Good writing is hard to find even in the comics much less fanfic.

If the Bat-Family were to fight it out like in Marvel Civil War, what would the sides be?

It would really depend on the situation. Off the top of my head I'm pretty sure that Cassandra would go where ever Bruce goes and Damien might be torn between Bruce and Dick if they are on opposite sides  Jason is his own man in every way so he would probably end up creating some third faction that no one is happy with and if Dick and Barbara aren't together then Oracle might end up on Jason's team.