Friday, April 12, 2013


By April 3rd-Your favorite member of the Bat-Family, and why.

By April 6th-The series that best showcases the Family.

By April 9th-Your new addition to the Bat-Family (i.e. Supergirl, Swamp Thing)

By April 12th-If the Bat-Family were to fight it out like in Marvel Civil War, what would the sides be? (i.e. Nightwing, Red Hood and Barbara Gordon vs. Batman, Damian and Tim)

By April 15th-If there was a movie about the Bat-Family what would be the basic plot?

By April 18th-Who would be the first member of the Bat-Family to get their identities discovered if they existed in real life and why?

By April 21st-Does Catwoman belong in the Bat-Family, why or why not?

By April 24th-If you could rewrite the stories in which Dick got to take up the mantle who would you say becomes Batman?

By April 27th-It's the Zombie Apocalypse! What has become of the Bat-Family? Are they survivors? Is the world counting on them to help with the undead?

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