Thursday, June 20, 2013

10-Pin Workout Challenge: Day 1

So, to motivate myself to get started exercising as well as to start using the things I've found on Pinterest,  I've challenged myself to do 10 reps of a workout found on 1 pin per day for 10 days from my Summer 2007 pinboard. After the 10 days I'm hoping to have a better idea of my problem areas (honestly that's pretty much every area) and find out what workouts I enjoy and can keep up long-term. I may continue the challenge in 10 day increments until I've worked through my whole pinboard, but we will see how this challenge goes before I start making commitments.

Tuesday night, I did this pin:

There are 2 more phases, and it's a short but intense workout, especially at the 10 reps I did rather than the 2-3:

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