Friday, April 4, 2014

About Robin...

I gotta be honest, guys, I don't understand Batman fans who don't like Robin. I understand not liking campiness, and not liking lighthearted non-serious Bat-situations. If it was only that, I would get where these fans are coming from. But some fans seriously don't even like the concept of Robin, no matter how dark and/or realistically the character is portrayed.

But I don't understand Batman *without* Robin. There's only so far that a character can be developed without coming across direct challenges to their self-concept. That's why Alfred is important, that's why Batman's various sexual/romantic liaisons are important, that's why his fellow crime-fighters are important, that's why the villains are important, and that's why Robin--especially the Dick Grayson iteration of Robin, IMO--is important. All of the people in these categories challenge Batman's concept of himself as a person in the world on various levels. Sometimes these encounters end with Batman reaffirming his purpose, his personal philosophy, his values, etc., and sometimes the encounters end with an mental adjustment, a behavioral change, or a new realization. This is the essence of storytelling.

Can anyone tell me why they do or do not like Robin? Their personal views of the various characters that have been Robin?